Saturday, August 16, 2008

Simplicity through the Shops...and the Skin - Organic Skincare

You know I'm a walking encyclopaedia about all the poisons that go into skincare and what's all that hype about "organic" skincare.

After all my years of reading up, I've been using these baby products for myself.

Those brands that claim to be "organic" that you find in Watsons / Guardian are generally not all that "organic" - they merely use a few "natural" sounding ingredients and the rest is all that nasty petroleum-derived stuff).

These are a few brands that I would recommend and some comments about them.
  • Lavera
    If you want lipstick or lipgloss that won't poison you, this is the brand to go for (the rest are baby brands and don't carry makeup). The range of colours is good and very moisturising.

    For sunblock, this brand wins hands down. It's the cheapest for the amount of sunblock in the bottle. And none of the nasty ingredients that go into the other non-organic brands at Watsons/ Guardian.

    However, I have been trying their moisturiser for oily skin - and I'm not sure if it's doing me all that good since I started using it a month ago. It contains alcohol too (a no-no for skincare).
  • Aromababy
    This brand uses the least amount of ingredients for their Newborn Baby Lotion, which means it is least likely to irritate your skin should you have sensitive skin. However, their prices have gone up from when I first bought these products in 2005 - the 125 ml tube used to cost S$12 then, now it retails for S$28 at Robinsons. (!!!!)
  • Buds Baby
    I bought this today at Robinsons because it was much cheaper (cost per unit weight) compared to Aromababy. The list of ingredients is slightly longer, though I would say it's equally safe. (for me, I can't even take moisturisers with vanilla in them!!)
    Their sunblock is equally effective as Lavera's, but not as cheap if you compare the costs per unit weight.
  • GAIA
    I have tried their Baby Massage Oil for Little Pixie and I like it. Very short list of (safe) ingredients and price is the lowest amongst all 3 brands of Baby Massage Oil. Please do not even try Johnson & Johnson's or some other conventional baby brand like Avent or Mustela - they contain mineral oil which clogs pores!

    I bought their moisturiser too because, it is every bit as organic and safe as the rest - and it's also the cheapest. In fact, its advantage over Buds is that it doesn't use alien-sounding ingredients that Buds claim are safe.
Lastly, about the Pureen Fluoride-Free toothpaste. Fluoride isn't as good for teeth as the media would have you believe - at least that's what I read from the back-to-naturals literature. I have over the years tried buying fluoride-free toothpaste from Neways, from organic shops, and the cheapest I'd found was this brand called Nature's Gate (S$10 a tube). So I was elated to find this brand (it actually says : "fluoride-free - safe for baby" - can you believe it? If fluoride is harmful for babies then what makes it good for adults!?!?) selling for S$2.35, and it's sugar-free too!!!


niceties said...

Thanks a lot for these shopping recommendations, CP. Very useful indeed. May I ask which shops you found these products?

If you haven't already seen, plenty of discussion & info at:

Canton Pixie said...

you're welcome niceties!! and thanks so much for the link!! i'm going to check it out - it's new to me!

here's the list:
lavera - it's available at quite a few watsons nowadays (i've only checked out the small outlets at westmall and lot 1 and if these have i'm sure the bigger ones do) - failing which you can go to this shop at the basement of raffles city called "Phyto-organics" which also stocks other brands of similar quality and purity.

aromababy - i think there is a shop called Babies n Cream in Great World which stocks these - but you can always get these at the baby section of Robinsons.

GAIA can be found at John Little's Baby section (Centrepoint) - I think Robinsons Centrepoint doesn't seem to carry it.

Buds can be found at Robinsons Baby section and ditto for Pureen.

Pureen can also be found at OG in chinatown.

Hope this helps!! :)

niceties said...

Thanks so much, CP! I will save your shopping info for future reference :).

Natural Skin Care said...

Thanks for all of the infomation

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